Neel Acharya Missing: A Student at Purdue University

Neel Acharya

Neel Acharya, a student at Purdue University, has gone missing since January 28, 2024, leaving family, friends, and the community concerned and eager for answers.

The Disappearance:

Neel was last seen by an Uber driver who dropped him off at Purdue University after he returned from a dance competition on Sunday night, around 12:30 a.m. (EST). However, Neel never made it back to his dorm, raising alarms among those close to him. His phone was later discovered abandoned in a field near the airport, adding a layer of mystery to the situation.

Description of Neel Acharya:

Neel Acharya was last seen wearing a black and grey flannel shirt with a black t-shirt underneath, black jeans, and white shoes.

Family’s Concern:

Goury Acharya, Neel’s mother, expressed her worry by posting a tweet on social media platforms, seeking assistance from the public.

The tweet includes relevant information about Neel’s appearance and requests that anyone with information reach out to the provided contact numbers. The family is actively seeking community support to aid in the search for Neel.

Community Outreach:

To aid in the search efforts, the family has shared two contact numbers—(630) 923-9170 and (765) 701-9708—for anyone who may have seen Neel or has information that could help locate him. The community’s involvement is crucial in spreading awareness and potentially providing leads that could assist in finding Neel Acharya.

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