Michael Aquino Died: What Happened to Him?

Golam Moula Bhuyan

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a retired U.S. Army officer and the founder of the Temple of Set, unexpectedly passed away. This article delves into the life and achievements of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, shedding light on his diverse educational background, military service, and significant contributions.

Michael Aquino’s Educational Background:

Michael Aquino’s journey began with academic excellence, earning a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Additionally, he attained an M.P.A. in Public Administration from George Washington University. Aquino’s dedication to education extended to his role as an adjunct professor of political science at Golden Gate University.

Military Career:

Lt. Col. Aquino’s military career was nothing short of illustrious. He served in Psychological Operations in the United States Army, bringing his expertise to various prestigious institutions, including the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defence University, and the Defence Intelligence College, Defence Intelligence Agency. His extensive training also encompassed the United States Army Special Warfare Centre, the United States Army Command and General Staff College, the United States Army Intelligence School, and the United States Army Space Institute.

Notable Achievements:

Aquino’s commitment to service extended beyond the military. He held the position of National Commander of the Eagle Scout Honour Society and received the Knight Eagle Distinguished Service Award. Additionally, he earned honours such as the Order of the Arrow’s Vigil Honour and the Distinguished Service Key from the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity.

Michael Aquino Died: What Happened to Him?

The news of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s unexpected death has left family and friends in shock. Reports indicate that he died from an apparent suicide, a tragedy that has shocked those who knew him. The motive behind his decision remains unclear, and the public awaits further updates as authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.

Legacy and Mourning:

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s legacy as a scholar, soldier, and community leader is undeniable. His contributions to academia, the military, and various organisations have left an indelible mark. As the family copes with this tragic loss, funeral arrangements and further details will be shared when they are ready.

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