Kevin Preau Died: What Was His Cause of Death?

Kevin Preau Died

Kevin Preau, the owner of the renowned Jambalaya Girl brand, has tragically passed away, leaving his family, friends, and the community in profound sorrow and disbelief.

Who was Kevin Preau?

Kevin Preau’s journey began in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he attended Holy Cross High School before furthering his education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. A man of passion and commitment, Preau’s relentless pursuit of excellence became a defining trait that propelled Jambalaya Girl to significant heights. His brand, specializing in authentic New Orleans-style jambalaya, captured the hearts and palates of many, solidifying his status as a culinary luminary in the region.

Kevin Preau Died: Cause of Death?

The sudden and unexpected death of Kevin Preau has sent shockwaves through the community. The specific reason for his death remains unknown at the moment. His passing leaves an unmistakable void, particularly for those who cherished not only his culinary creations but also the warmth of his personality.

Tributes to Kevin Preau

Diana Bernard Theriot expressed her grief and admiration for Kevin Preau on Facebook, describing him as a “genuinely good guy” to his core.

What can I say about Kevin Preau, he was to his core a genuinely good guy. I can only hope and pray he knew how loved he was. There was never a time when I needed someone to talk to that he wasn’t there. He was always my go to person when I needed to be encouraged, talked off a ledge or just needed a laugh. He will be missed beyond words. Rest easy my friend!

Similarly, Adrianne Bubrig shared her emotions on Facebook, emphasizing the love and peace that Kevin Preau brought into the lives of those around him. Her poignant words, “

You were so very loved. I know you are at peace. But, damn, I am going to miss you Preau.

Kevin Preau Be at peace my honey.


Kevin Preau’s legacy goes beyond the boundaries of Jambalaya Girl; it extends into the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing him. His dedication to excellence, passion for authentic New Orleans cuisine, and the joy he brought to others through his culinary creations will be remembered fondly. As the community mourns the tragic loss of a culinary icon, the spirit of Kevin Preau lives on through the rich tapestry of flavours he leaves behind in the kitchens and hearts of those who cherish him.

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