Jay Jackson: A Musical Odyssey and Entrepreneurial Visionary

Jay Jackson: A Musical Odyssey and Entrepreneurial Visionary

The recent passing of Jay Jackson, the revered owner of Screen Play, Inc. in Nashville, TN, has left a profound impact on the music community and the city he called home. Let’s delve into the life and legacy of this influential figure, examining his journey from a tenor harmony troubadour to an industry visionary.

Nashville, known as the heartbeat of Country Music, mourns the loss of Jay Jackson, a cherished troubadour and the visionary owner of Screen Play, Inc. His passing has reverberated through the city’s musical soul, leaving an irreplaceable void in its cultural tapestry.

How Did Jay Jackson Pass Away?

Unfortunately, specific details regarding the circumstances of Jay Jackson’s passing have not been publicly disclosed. His peaceful departure in his sleep serves as a poignant reminder of life’s fleeting nature and the enduring impact of his contributions.

Cause of Death

While the exact cause of Jay Jackson’s passing has not been made public, the music industry and Nashville community are left to grapple with the loss of a luminary whose influence transcended his entrepreneurial ventures.

Who Was Jay Jackson?

Jay Jackson’s journey began with honorable service in the United States Marine Corps, shaping his discipline and passion for music. His tenure at Heart Warming Records and the Songfellows Quartet laid the foundation for a multifaceted career that saw him transition into roles such as General Manager at Hank Snow Enterprises and Conway Twitty’s Concessions Management.

However, it was his role as the owner of Screen Play, Inc. that truly defined his impact on Nashville’s music scene. Founded in 1985, the company, under Jackson’s astute leadership, became renowned for producing tour merchandise for major recording artists, exemplifying his commitment to both artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors.


Tributes from friends and colleagues highlight the profound impact Jay Jackson had on those around him. Vernon Lee Johnson, Jim Brown, and Tina Patterson – White are among those who have shared heartfelt sentiments, underscoring the significance of his legacy and the void left by his departure.

In conclusion, Jay Jackson’s vibrant and impactful journey may have come to a close, but the melody of his life continues to resonate in the hearts of those touched by his remarkable spirit. As Nashville and the music community bid farewell to a cherished icon, the enduring legacy of Jay Jackson will continue to inspire and uplift those who were fortunate enough to be touched by his passion and vision


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