Jake Picker, Aka ‘Bartonella Babe’, has passed away

Jake Picker

Jake Picker, affectionately known as ‘Bartonella Babe’, sadly passed away on Saturday, January 20, 2024. The passing of Jake has cast a sombre shadow, as those who knew her online presence mourn the loss of a cherished individual.

Who was Jake Picker?

Jake Picker, known as the owner of ‘Bartonella Babe’, had a special channel that helped a lot of people. Her Bartonella Babe channel was a very useful tool for patients and families. Jake did a great job by making it easier for people to understand difficult educational stuff and also giving them some hope. On her Instagram account, @bartonella_babe, she shared a lot—around 482 posts—and many people, 1,477 to be exact, followed her. She also followed 424 people. Through her account, she taught the world about something called bartonellosis.

The loss and mourning:

The sudden and unexpected passing of Jake Picker has left her family and friends in mourning. At this time, the precise cause of her death remains unclear, and the public eagerly awaits further information. Despite the uncertainty surrounding her passing, the impact she had on the lives of those dealing with bartonellosis is undeniable.

Tributes and Remembrances:

In the wake of Jake’s passing, the online health community has come together to pay tribute to the Bartonella Babe. BetterHealthGuy.com, a prominent health-related website, shared a heartfelt post on their Facebook page, highlighting Jake’s inspirational journey and the positive influence she had on the community.


Jake Picker’s departure leaves a void in the online health community, particularly for those affected by bartonellosis. Her legacy as the Bartonella Babe will undoubtedly live on through the educational content she provided and the support she offered to countless individuals. As the community mourns this loss, it serves as a reminder of the impact one individual can have on the lives of many, even in the digital realm.

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