Gina Brown, A Beloved Musician of New Orleans, Passed Away At the Age of 59

Gina Brown

The music community in New Orleans bids farewell to one of its cherished talents, Gina Brown. The 59-year-old musician and entrepreneur, known for her dynamic presence on stage, passed away on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, leaving behind a legacy that resonates with the rich musical history of the city.

Who was Gina Brown?

Gina Brown’s journey in the world of music began in New Orleans, Louisiana. She laid the foundation for her artistic pursuits at C. F. Vigor High School before furthering her education at the University of South Alabama. These formative years provided her with the skills and inspiration that would later define her multifaceted career.

Gina Brown’s prowess extended across various realms of the music industry. As a singer and entertainer, she graced the stage with luminaries such as Gerald Levert, Jon B., Pattie Austin, Earl Turner, Etta James, Bad Company, Fantasia, and Ruben Studdard from “American Idol.” Her ability to seamlessly blend genres and collaborate with diverse artists showcased her versatility and musical acumen.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Beyond her vocal talents, Gina Brown demonstrated a keen entrepreneurial spirit. As the proud owner of G.B. Productions LLC, she not only led her own band but also played a pivotal role in the production side of the music business. Her company became synonymous with quality performances, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of New Orleans’ music scene.

A DJ Extraordinaire:

In addition to her roles as a singer and entrepreneur, Gina Brown was also an accomplished DJ. Her ability to read the crowd and curate an eclectic mix of music added another layer to her dynamic career. Whether on the stage or behind the DJ booth, Brown’s passion for music shone brightly.

Gina Brown’s untimely passing

Gina Brown’s untimely passing occurred after she faced medical complications at Touro Hospital, leaving a void in the New Orleans music scene. Colleagues and fans alike are mourning the loss of a musical icon whose impact was felt not only through her performances but also through her influence as a mentor and entrepreneur.

Sheila Margin Harris, a fellow musician, expressed the collective grief on behalf of the New Orleans music community in a heartfelt tribute post on Facebook.


As New Orleans mourns the loss of Gina Brown, her legacy lives on through the melodies she shared, the stages she graced, and the entrepreneurial spirit she embodied. Her journey from the vibrant streets of New Orleans to stages alongside renowned artists reflects a life dedicated to the pursuit of musical excellence. In remembering Gina Brown, we celebrate not only the artist but the indomitable spirit that continues to inspire generations within and beyond the heart of New Orleans.

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