Colin Burgess, the first drummer for AC/DC, passed away at the age of 77

Colin Burgess

Colin Burgess, the drummer for The Masters Apprentices and the first drummer for AC/DC,  sadly passed away at the age of 77. Burgess left an indelible mark on the Australian music scene.

Who was Colin Burgess?

Colin Burgess was born on November 16th, 1946, in Sydney, Australia. A prominent figure in the Australian rock scene, Burgess began his musical journey as the drummer for The Masters Apprentices from 1968 to 1972. During his tenure, the band achieved significant success with top 20 singles, including “5:10 Man,” “Think about Tomorrow Today,” “Turn Up Your Radio,” and “Because I Love You.” In 1998, The Masters Apprentices, with Burgess, received the honour of induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

Burgess’s musical prowess extended beyond The Masters Apprentices, as he took on the role of the original drummer for the iconic hard rock band AC/DC from November 1973 to February 1974. His influence during this critical period in AC/DC’s early history played a crucial role in shaping the band’s sound and trajectory.

Apart from his association with these renowned bands, Burgess collaborated with his brother, Denny Burgess, in various musical endeavours, including the band His Majesty, where Denny played bass guitar and handled vocals.

What was his cause of death?

The music community mourned the loss of Colin Burgess when news of his passing surfaced. Unfortunately, the exact reason for his passing is currently unknown. The public can expect to receive updates once more information about the cause of his death becomes available. AC/DC officially announced and confirmed his passing through a post on Facebook, marking a sombre moment for fans and the music community.

Tributes Pour In:

In the wake of Colin Burgess’s passing, tributes flooded social media platforms, reflecting the impact he had on those who knew him. Michael Smith, in a poignant Facebook post, reminisced about Burgess’s infectious enthusiasm for music. Smith shared,

He’s gone, the beating heart to my bass, Colin Burgess. There are no words. I can still hear him cackling in my ear on the phone: “Come on, we’ve got to get something happening you c**t. I want to get out there and ROCK, and it’s got to be with you.” He’s going to give those pearly gates a right royal bollocking. Farewell my friend.

Similarly, Kyle Hands expressed his sorrow, stating,

RIP Colin Burgess Words cannot express how sad I am with this news of his passing. What a legend. My thoughts are with Denny Burgess and family and of course Vanessa Lea, Roger Faynes and the band family.


Colin Burgess’s journey through the world of rock music is a testament to his talent and influence. As fans and the music community remember him, his legacy lives on through the beats that resonated in the iconic songs of The Masters Apprentices and AC/DC. His impact on the Australian rock scene and the outpouring of tributes underscore the profound loss felt by those who had the privilege of sharing the stage and the music with this revered drummer.

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