Cocoa Tea Death Hoax: Debunking Rumors Surrounding Jamaican Reggae Icon

Cocoa Tea

Rumours of the passing of Jamaican reggae sensation Colvin George Scott, often known as Cocoa Tea, have recently spread on social media, causing concern among fans all around the world. According to recent reports, the reggae legend is still alive and is currently hospitalised, according to his family.

Who is Cocoa Tea?

Cocoa Tea was born on September 3, 1959, in Rocky Point, Clarendon, Jamaica. Cocoa Tea emerged as a prominent figure in the Jamaican music scene from 1985 on. Over the years, he has not only captivated the hearts of his fellow Jamaicans but has also achieved international acclaim, solidifying his status as a reggae legend.

One of Cocoa Tea’s notable contributions to the genre includes the 1984 track “Young Lover,” which played a pivotal role in establishing his fame. In 2008, he gained attention for his song “Barack Obama,” expressing support for the U.S. presidential candidate of the same name. Additionally, his 1984 album “Rocking Dolly” featured the track “Jah Made Them That Way,” incorporating elements from Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” and Dillinger’s “Answer Mi Question.”

Debunking the Death Hoax:

Recent rumors suggested Cocoa had passed away, causing distress among his fanbase. However, his wife, Malvia Scott, clarified the situation, affirming that the reggae legend is indeed in the hospital but is very much alive. The family requests prayers and privacy during this challenging time but has not disclosed specific details regarding Cocoa Tea’s illness.

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