Breonna Moffett, A former Mighty Marching Knights Drum Major, Passed Away

Breonna Moffett

Breonna Moffett, a previous leader of the Mighty Marching Knights as their Drum Major, has passed away in an unfortunate accident. This unexpected loss has cast a shadow of sorrow over her family and friends, creating a moment of collective mourning for those who knew and cherished her.

Who was Breonna Moffett?

Breonna Moffett was a brave and dedicated person who served as both a knight and a service woman in the U.S. Army, showing a strong commitment to her duties. Her contributions went beyond her military service; she was also recognised as a former Mighty Marching Knights Drum Major. Breonna’s influence reached not only the disciplined environment of the armed forces but also left a mark on the lively and rhythmic world of the marching band community. Being a member of the U.S. Army, she showcased qualities like honour, courage, and selfless service, becoming a role model for others to follow.

Sudden Loss and Mourning:

The sudden and unexpected passing of Breonna has left family and friends in deep mourning. The details surrounding her tragic accident remain unclear, adding to the somberness of the occasion. Regina RaMo, a close acquaintance, shared a heartfelt tribute on Facebook, reflecting the profound impact Breonna had on those close to her.


The Windsor Forest Mighty Marching Knights, a community Breonna held dear, also shared a poignant tribute on their Facebook page.

The outpouring of condolences and remembrances from various circles underscores the widespread impact she had on those who knew her, both in the military and the marching band community.

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