Youth Lacrosse

11701108_10152975426797647_8509149021909638757_nJamaica Youth Lacrosse – The TALLAWAHS

Children in Jamaica are fun-loving, competitive and hard working. They shine with a natural spirit of energy, life and enthusiasm that, when coupled with structure and proper guidance enables them to un-tap limitless potential in anything they put their mind to — The goal of youth lacrosse in Jamaica is to unleash that potential, while providing young boys and girls the opportunity to dream of attending a High School with lacrosse when they graduate primary school. There is currently only one youth lacrosse program in Jamaica, the Dupont Primary School Program in Kingston. The JLA has worked with supporters from America to begin the process of building a special lacrosse field at the school’s grounds near Portia Simpson Miller Square at the corner of Olympic Way and Hagley Park Road – 3 Miles. (Click here to learn about the field project.)

This youth program is important to the JLA because, the youth of this community have the potential to move on and play High School Lacrosse at one of the lacrosse playing high schools in Kingston & St. Andrew if they perform well academically. This gives some of the most dedicated young lacrosse players a mid-term goal to strive for, and that goal can provide the discipline needed to make good choices as they move through primary school. Right now the program at DuPont Primary School is the only youth program we are focused on as we want to ensure improved structures and a fully sustainable model are in place before expanding to new locations.

‘Wi lickle but wi tallawah’

12376366_10153288218382647_8596484286637570070_nThis is a very well known phrase in Jamaican society, meaning we’re small (as a country), but we can do big things in the world. For Children, it carries a powerful message that they can do anything they put their mind to – all sports have the potential to help children dream and that is the goal of our youth lacrosse efforts.

Jamaica has always had exceptionalism in its approach to the world based on the proposition that “Wi little but wi tallawah”. Alice in Wonderland said that when she used a word it could mean anything she wanted.

‘Tallawah’ for Jamaicans mean we are strong or we can do anything we set our minds to.

This audacious attitude is built upon the view that we freed ourselves from slavery and colonialism and the tremendous accomplishments of outstanding individuals such as Nanny, Mary Seacole, Marcus Garvey, George Headley, Herb McKenley, Merlene Ottey, Bob Marley and Usain Bolt, to name a few. 

Enjoy this youth lacrosse photo gallery of practices and games at Dupont Primary School. Photo Credits to Cody Tucker & Ishack Wilmot