2017 Summer Camp Update & Reminders

We have over 200 Campers signed up for this year’s HS Lacrosse Camp. As you prepare for the start of camp next week, please review the following information. 

  • DATES: Camp will be held at STGC on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 AM – 1 PM, every week starting Monday, July 3. The last day of camp is Thursday, August 3. There will be no camp on August 1. *CHECK IN ON MONDAY STARTS AT 9 AM, CAMP STARTS AT 10 AM. 
  • ID CARDS: Campers will be issued an ID Card on a lanyard on the first day of camp for a cost of $100 JA. They will need to bring this ID card to camp every day or security will not let you on campus. There will be a $500 JA charge to replace your ID Card and lanyard if you lose it.
  • CAMPER CODE OF CONDUCT & PARENT PERMISSION SLIP:   All campers must sign and the code of conduct and permission slip and turn that in at check-in. Here is a link to the document
  • CANTEEN: There will be a small canteen set-up with limited snacks & refreshments. Campers should bring a water bottle that they can refill from the camp igloos.
  • WHAT SHOULD YOU BRING TO CAMP: Lacrosse players that have lacrosse equipment MUST USE THEIR CURRENT EQUIPMENT. All campers should come to camp dressed prepared for athletic activity. We have a VERY limited amount of sticks & equipment that will be allocate to new lacrosse players. We are currently waiting on a shipment to arrive at the wharf that it is due by the second week of camp. As we move through the 5-week summer camp, experienced players will have the opportunity to earn new sticks or equipment through hard-work, good behaviour and improvement.
    • Girls: Do not stress over this, as the only equipment needed to play women’s lacrosse is a stick. We currently have some girls sticks ready to be issued, if we run out, you will be able to borrow sticks until the new shipment arrives.
    • Boys: We have a limited amount of equipment for new lacrosse players. If we do not have enough equipment for all the new boy’s lacrosse players, then do not stress, you should attend camp every day until the equipment arrives. In the meantime, our staff will work to teach you the skills of the game until you receive your own stick and equipment.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY: The JLA works hard to offer this summer camp free of charge and to issue free equipment to new lacrosse players. We are also working with STGC security and issuing camper’s ID cards to do our best to keep the camp organized and safe for all participants. However, each camper must take personal responsibility for anything they bring to camp, and everyone must realize that in any sport of physical activity there is the potential for injury.
  • CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAYS: Every Thursday at camp we have special games for the top players in the boys & girls groups. These select players will play in our “GAME OF THE WEEK” and at times will get to represent Jamaica and play against the visiting coaches from the USA.
  • August 3rd, JAMAICA FRIENDSHIP GAMES: The final Thursday (August 3) of camp will feature the JAMAICA Friendship Games, where the top boys & girls will be selected to form a Jamaica U-19 team to play the USA. We will be inviting media and news outlets to be covering these featured matches.
  • FUTURE OF JAMAICA HS LACROSSE: We currently have 8 boys HS teams and 6 girls HS teams (Soon to be 7 with Immaculate adding lacrosse in the next school year). The outlook for the next school year is to have an off-season training period in November concluding with LAXFEST, a big one day HS Lacrosse competition. We will have our annual Holiday Camp at STGC weekdays December 27 – January 5. The official HS Season, the Taino Cup (Boys) and Maroon Cup (Girls) is held in January and February.
  • Team Jamaica & FIL World Championships / Olympics: Next summer (2018) the JLA will be sending a senior men’s team to the FIL World Championships. Every four years the FIL runs a World Championship. 2019 is the junior (U-19) girls, and 2020 is the junior (U-19) boys, 2021 is Senior Women. These teams will be highly selective and will be a mix of the top players in the Diaspora and the top local players based on International Olympic Committee & FIL eligibility rules. The final selection for local players will take place at the Holiday Camp in January. The FIL’s current targeted goal for lacrosse to be part of the summer Olympics is 2024 or 2028.